10 Best & Free WordPress Responsive Themes

Responsive Web Design was one of the hottest topic talked around in 2011, along with the explosion of various mobile devices like smart-phones and tablets which each has different screen size. So now designers could no longer rely on a standard 1024px desktop monitor to create their web and apps.

Then a solution called “responsive design” emerged, a method that makes a design layout respond to any screen size and orientation (portrait or landscape). Users now can have the same experience like they view a website on a desktop.

So today if you have a WordPress powered website but haven’t yet incorporate this cool feature, you’re lucky as in this post I’ve put together some of the best wordpress responsive themes that are available from 2011 to power your websites.

Balita (e-Commerce Theme)

Balita WordPress theme, a theme dedicated to shops that sell products for children. The theme was designed by Tokokoo and released exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. As usual, the theme is absolutely free to use for both private and commercial projects.

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WordPress Responsive Theme No.1


Bonesis a Starter Theme built off the HTML5 Boilerplate. It features two versions (Classic & Responsive), an incredibly robust stylesheet, and detailed theme files. Best yet, since it’s not a Framework, you’re free to modify and customize the files as much as you like.

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WordPress Responsive Theme No.2


Foghorn is a minimalist WordPress theme built off the foundation of Twenty Eleven. It has a custom options panel for switching layouts, removing sidebars, uploading a logo, and changing footer text. It is also responsive, meaning it looks good at any browser width including iPhones and other mobile devices.

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WordPress Responsive Theme No.3


Foundation, is a WordPress blank starter theme with the exceptional capabilities of ZURB’s Foundation Framework and HTML5 Boilerplate.

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WordPress Responsive Theme No.4


Hum is a Twenty Eleven child theme, responsive by nature, and solely consists of CSS modifications.

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WordPress Responsive Theme No.5


Immense WordPress theme is ideal for photographers looking for a holistic photo portfolio and blogging platform that performs beautifully on a variety of desktop and mobile browser platforms, including the iPhone and iPad.

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WordPress Responsive Theme No.6


Mixfolio is a responsive, HTML5 portfolio theme for WordPress. Best of all, it’s free! Use it to build your portfolio or your online brand. Create Image, Gallery, Video or Standard posts using Mixfolio’ Post Formats feature.

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WordPress Responsive Them No.7


Paper is a unique style WordPress Theme, simple, character of this theme is use of school paper as background and usage of two letters of character sketches.

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WordPress Responsive Theme No.8


Photum is an HTML5 responsive theme for a Photographers portfolio. Created by Oli from

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WordPress Responsive Theme No.9


Skeleton, created by Casey Lee at Simple Themes is a simple, responsive WordPress theme based on the Skeleton Boilerplate. It has several useful shortcodes, such as tabs, toggles, cross-browser CSS3 buttons, and layout columns.

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WordPress Responsive Theme No.10


Well, this year is about to end and I wish to see a lot more well-designed responsive WordPress theme published in the next year. Hopefully I would have enough time to made my own free theme in 2012.

Anyway, Happy holidays & Happy new year, to you all.

15 Responses to “10 Best & Free WordPress Responsive Themes”

  1. PBX

    Skeleton seems more professional looking and will suit businesses well. But for my taste, I’ll pick the bones theme!

    • Thoriq

       @ PBX Yeah, I agree. This blog is actually also built upon Bones Theme. :).

  2. Alvaro Gois

    Immense, from GraphicPaperPress, is not a free theme.

    • Thoriq

       @Alvaro Gois Pardon me for my inaccuracy, I will surely replace with a new one and which is also free. Thanks for notifying me. :)

      • Alvaro Gois

         @Thoriq It’s a pity, though, since Immense is a terrific theme. Wish it was free. In my first WordPress website ( I used a Graph Paper Press theme, back in 2007 or 2008. It still looks great today.

      • Thoriq

         @Alvaro Gois I think I have found an equal responsive theme to replace Immense. Take a look at it, and let me know what you think? :) 

      • Alvaro Gois

         @Thoriq Thanks! Very nice indeed. :)

  3. VArun

    Hay, wat theme are yu using at creatiface…?Yu made it urself..?

  4. Ivan Bayross

    Hi Thoriq,

    I really found these responsive themes of great use. Thank you for posting such great information.

    Your Blog theme looks really great. Nice, clean, quick loading.

    Loved the ton of great information carried here


    Ivan Bayross

  5. Sandy

    Just checked this theme from Vibethemes and i must say great job…

    Thanks oumz for sharing this link.

  6. Pouya

    Very Gooooooooooooood! Thank you

  7. Horvath

    Great list, thank you!