11 Impressive Black and White Photography

Black and white photo had suffered a setback in the era of the 1975′s, when producers and manufacturers began to develop a full-color photo technology. So that, people began to consider black and white photos as boredom, and switch to full-color photos which is much cheaper than black and white photos at that time. (more on black and white photography)

However, this time black and white photos back in demand, people return to see the beauty in black and white photos. As, in black and white photos, shapes and dimensions are constructed only by the dynamics of tones, such as shadows, highlights and shades, without interference from other colors, thus providing the impression of reality that can not be described by a full-color photos.

Here are some black and white photographs that are very impressive and implies much sense. Hopefully you (whoever you are, a photographer, visual designers, or web designers) can be inspired from the following photographs:

PS: All photographs are belong to the respective owner

Leaving Yerevan - Black and White PhotographyLeaving Yerevan, by 85mm street

Rain on the Street by Luke BhothipitiRain by Luke Bhothipiti

Beggar by Richard SimkoBeggar by Richard Simko

Rainy Day by Sungjon KimRainy Day by Sungjon Kim

The Afghan Girl by Tiziana Pielert

Net Repair by Alamsyah Rauf

Behind this post…

As a proverb says “a picture is worth a thousand words”, Likewise the photos above, there is one picture that made me sad to see it. Photos of the “Beggar” by Richard SImko which shows a very old woman who struggles with his life by begging.

If we can reflect for a moment of our life, how we have been given many blessings and how fortunate we are given an easy life, so we should be grateful for everything we’ve gained and do not forget to share to others in need.

Well, if you have thoughts you want to say, do not hesitate to say it in the comments form :-), have a nice day.

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